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Sino-Korean Numbers 일 이 삼

The Korean Language has two regularly numeral systems, a native Korean system and Sino-Korean system.

number 숫자
number 숫자
Sino-Korean system are used for dates, money, measurements, math, addresses, phone numbers, minutes, and numbers above 100.

Number Korean English Indonesia
0 공/영 [gongyeong] Zero Nol
1 일 [il] One Satu
2 이 [i]Two Dua
3 삼 [sam] Three Tiga
4 사 [sa] Four Empat
5 오 [o] Five Lima
6 육 [yuk] Six Enam
7 칠 [chil] Seven Tujuh
8 팔 [phal] Eight Delapan
9 구 [gu] Nine Sembilan
10 십 [sip] Ten Sepuluh
11 십일 [sip-il] Eleven Sebelas
12 십이 [sip-i] Twelve Duabelas
13 십삼 [sip-sam] Thirthteen Tigabelas
20 이십 [i-sip] Twenty Dua puluh
21 이십일 [i-sip-il] Twenty one Dua puluh satu
22 이십이 [i-sip-i] Twenty two Dua puluh dua
30 삼십 [sam-sip] ThirtyTiga puluh
40 사십 [sa-sip] Fourty Empat puluh
50오십 [o-sip] Fifty Lima puluh
60 육십 yuk-sip Sixty Enam puluh
70 칠십 [chil-sip] Seventy Tujuh puluh
80 팔십 [phal-sip] Eighty Delapan puluh
90 구십 [gu-sip] Ninety Sembilan puluh
100 백 [baek] One hundredSeratus
200 이백 [i-baek] Two hundredDua ratus
500 오백 [o-baek] Five hundredLima ratus
900 구백 [gu-baek] Nine hundredSembilan ratus
1,000 천 [cheon] One thousandSeribu
5,000 오천 [o-chon] Five thousandLima ribu
10,000 만 [man] Ten thousandSepuluh ribu
100,000 십만 [sip-man] One hundred thousandSeratus ribu
1,000,000 백만&nbsp[;baek-man] One millionSatu juta
10,000,000 천만 [cheon-man] Ten MillionSepuluh juta
100,000,000 억 [eok] One hundred millionSeratus juta
1,000,000,000 십억 [sip-eok] One billionSatu miliar

  • 이가방은 오만원입니다 =  This bag is W50,000.
  • 오늘은  사월 육일입니다 = Today is April 6th.
  • 여기서 집까지 오킬로미터입니다 = From here to my home is about 5km.

Sino-Korean counting system is based on increments of 10,000.
  • 10,000 = 만 
  • 100,000 = 십 (10|0,000) 십 + 만
  • 1000,000 = 백 (100|0,000) 백 + 만
  • 10,000,000 = 천 (10,00|0,000) 천 + 만


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