Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Native Korean Numbers 하나 둘 셋

The Korean Language has two regularly numeral systems, a native Korean system and Sino-Korean system.

number 숫자
Number 숫자
Native Korean system are used for ages, hours, counting, counting physical objects/people (usually followed by 개, 명, 사람, 분, 잔, 대, 장).

Number Korean English Indonesia
1 하나 [hana] One Satu
2 둘/두 [dul/du] Two Dua
3 셋/세 [set/se] Three Tiga
4 넷/네 [net/ne] Four Empat
5 다섯 [daseot] Five Lima
6 여섯 [yeoseot] Six Enam
7 일곱 [ilgop]Seven Tujuh
8 여덟 [yeodeol] Eight Delapan
9 아홉 [ahop] Nine Sembilan
10 열 [yeol] Ten Sepuluh
11 열하나 [yeolhana] Evelen Sebelas
12 열둘 [yeoldul] Twelve Duabelas
20 스물 [seumul] Twenty Dua puluh
30 서른 [seoreun] Thirty Tiga puluh
40 마흔 [maheun] Fourty Empat puluh
50 쉰 [swin] Fifty Lima puluh
60 예순 [yesun] Sixty Enam puluh
70 일흔 [ilheun] Seventy Tujuh puluh
80 여든 [yeodeun] Eighty Delapan puluh
90 아흔 [aheun] Ninety Sembilan puluh
100 온 [on] - not used One hundred Seratus
  • 한시간 걸려요 = It takes about 1 hour
  • 사과 2개 주세요 = Please give me 2 apples
  • 집에 차동자가 3대 있습니다 =  There are 3 cars in my house.
  • 제 할머니는 여든아홉살이에요 = My grandmother is 89 years old.
  • 여기서 산지 세달 됐어요 = I've been living here 3 months.
  • 종이 다섯장 주세요 = Please give me 5 sheets of paper.
  • 우리 가족은 네명 이에요 = There are 4 people in my family.
  • 한잔 주세요 = Please give me a cup of water.

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