Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[런닝맨] Using ~(으)러, ~냐? || 야 설현 만나러 가냐? - Hey, are you going to meet SeolHyeon?

Listen to the pronunciation:


야 설현 만나러 가냐?
ya SeolHyeon manareo ganya?

*SeolHyeon is a person's name

~(으)러 = in order to
  • 밥 먹으러 나가자 = Let's go out to eat.
  • 친구들 만나 갔어요 = I went to meet friends.
~냐? = [반말] is used for asking to very close friends / friends (same age) / younger people.
  • 밥 먹었냐? same with 밥 먹었어(요)?  = Did you eat?
  • 공부 안했냐? | 공부 안했어(요)? = Didn't you study?
  • 청소 안하냐? | 청소 안해(요)? = Are you not gonna clean it?
  • 어제 런닝맨 봤냐? | 어제 런닝맨 봤어(요)? = Did you watch Running Man yesterday?
*sentences ending with 아/어(요) softer than 냐.

Root Verb English
만나다 Meet
가다 Go
  • 만나 + 러 = 만나러 
  • 가 + 냐 = 가냐?
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