Saturday, April 2, 2016

가족 - Family Member

Grandfather, Grandmother, Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle are called Family

가족 (gajok)
Family Tree

If you are a man, you will call your older sister 누나 (noona) and your older brother 형 (hyeong). If you are a woman, you will call your older sister 언니 (Eonni) and your older brother 오빠 (Oppa).

Korean English Indonesian
할아버지 Grandfather Kakek
할머니 Grandmother Nenek
외할아버지  Grandfather (from mom) Kakek (dari ibu)
외할머니 Grandmother (from mom) Nenek (dari ibu)
아버지 / 아빠 Father Ayah
어머니 /  엄마 Mother Ibu
부모님 Parents Orangtua
아들 Son Anak laki-laki
Daugther Anak Perempuan
누나 Older Sister  Kakak Perempuan
언니Older Sister Kakak Perempuan
Older Brother Kakak Laki-laki
오빠 Older BrotherKakak Laki-laki
여동생 Younger Sister Adik Perempuan
남동생 Younger Brother Adik Laki-laki
큰아버지 Uncle (Older than dad) Paman (lbh tua dari ayah)
작은아버지 Uncle (Younger than dad) Paman (lbh muda dari ayah)
고모 Aunt (from dad)Bibi (dari ayah)
외삼춘 Uncle (from mom) Paman (dari ibu)
이모 Aunt (from mom) Bibi (dari ibu)

*To be able to read Korean, please memorize all the Korean alphabets here ^^