Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[런닝맨] Using ~네(요) ending || 야 너 연기 잘하네 - Wow, you are good at acting

Watch & Listen to the pronunciation :

야 너 연기 잘하네 
ya neo yongi jalhane

~네(요) = a surprise expression. 
adj/verb + 네(요) is used when you suddenly realize about something or you just received any information that you didn't know before.

  • 이 라면 맛있네(요) = Wow, this noodle is delicious. (you didn't expect the noodle will be that delicious)
  • 오늘 춥네(요) = Today is cold. ( you thought today will not that cold)
  • 기분 나쁘네(요) = My feeling is bad.  (when someone rude to you, you can say this sentence to him/her)

Root Verbs Meaning
 연기하다  Act
 잘하다  Good at

  • 연기 + 잘하 + 네 = 연기 잘하네 
  • 잘하 + 네요 = 잘하네요*
*요 = formal, to talk to older people

Korean  English Indonesian
 이야 (야~)  surprise expression  ekspresi kaget
 너  You  Kamu
 연기  Acting  Akting

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