Monday, March 28, 2016

[마리와나] Using ~하고, ~고, ~(으)ㄹ게요 | 형 잠깐 엄마하고 전화 좀 하고 올게... - Wait a minute I will have a phone call with my mom and come back...

Pronunciation :

형 잠깐 엄마하고 전화 좀 하고 올게...
hyeong jamkkan eommahago jeonhwa jom hago olke...

하고 = with / and
  • 하고 나 =  You and me
  • 친구하고 왔어요 = I came with my friend
= and
  • 고기 사 올게요 = I will buy meat and come
  • 밥 먹 가자 = Let's eat and go
~~ (으)ㄹ 게요 = will

verb + 을/ㄹ 게요*
  • 난 이거 버릴게요 = I will throw this away
  • 이제 출발할게요 = I will leave now
  • 약 먹을게요 = I will eat the medicine
*요 = more formal

Root Verb Meaning
전화하다 Call (phone)
오다 Come

  • 전화하 + ㄹ 게요 = will make a call
  • 오 + ㄹ 게요 = will come 

Korean Words Meaning
Older Brother (man to man)
잠깐a momment, a minute
엄마 Mom
하고 with / and
전화 Phone
a little, a momment