Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Question Mark | Kata Tanya

Question Mark | Kata Tanya
Question Mark | Kata Tanya

Korea English Indonesia
누구 Who Siapa
어디 Where Dimana
언제 When Kapan
얼마 How many/much Berapa
Why Mengapa / Kenapa
어떻게 How Bagaimana
어느 Which Yang mana
무엇 (뭐) What Apa
무슨 What kind of Apa

  • 누구세요? = Who are you?
  • 집이 어디에요? = Where is your home?
  • 우리 언제 만날거에요? = When will we meet?
  • 이가방 얼마에요? = How much is this bag?
  • 그랬어요 = Why did you do that?
  • 병원 어떻게 가요?  = How can I go to the hospital?
  • 어느 나라에서 왔어요? = Which country did you come from?
  • 이거 에요? = What is this?
  • 무슨 음식 먹고싶어요? = What kind of food do you want to eat?

To be able to read Korean, please memorize all the Korean alphabeths here^^