Wednesday, February 10, 2016

뭐 찾아요? - What are you looking for?

All of the members start doing their mission in Kwangsu's house except Kwangsu that still shock and not ready yet.

이광수 : 아이! 나가1!
ai! nagayo!
Go out!
[Eii! Keluar!]

지석진 : 잠깐만! 찾을 게 있어!
jamkkanman! chajeul ge isseo!
Wait! There's something I need to find!
[Tungg! ada sesuatu yang saya cari!]

이광수 : 뭐 찾아1?
mwo chajayo?
What are you looking for?
[Apa yang kamu cari]

이광수 : 야동 찾으려고2 그러죠?
yadong chajeuryeogo geurojyo?
You are looking for porn, aren't you?
[Kamu mencari porn* ya?]

1. ~~요 = end of the sentence, make a sentence more polite. Usually, use this when you talk with older people or senior.

  밥 맛있게 먹어 (with friend/to younger) = enjoy your meal

  밥 맛있게 드세요*/먹어요 (to older people) = enjoy your meal

  *드시요 = 먹어요 in a polite way. (formal)

2. ~~ (으)려고 = will/ be going to

   가려고          =  will go

   먹으려고      =  (be) going to eat