Tuesday, February 23, 2016

팬티 어딨냐? - Where is the pantie?

All about the pantie's mission~~

유재석 : 호피 무늬 팬티 어딨1?
hopi muneui phaenthi eodinya?
Where is the leopard panty?
[Dimana celana macan tutul itu?]

유재석 : 광수.. 호피무늬 퍤티 본 적 있2는데...
Kwangsu.. hophi muneui phaenthi bon jeok itneunde..
I saw Kwangsu's leopard panty before..
[Saya pernah lihat celana macan tutul itu..]

이광수 : 아! 깜짝이야! 왜 그래요?
a! kkamjjakiya! wae geuraeyo?
A! (You) scare me! Why do you do that?
[Ah! Mengagetkan! Mengapa kau lakukan itu?]

유재석 : 팬티 어딨1?
phaenthi eodinya?
Where is the panty?
[Dimana celananya?]

1. ~~냐?    =    informal question mark, to friend or to younger people.

    그사람 누구냐?   = Who is that person?

    밥 먹었냐?          =  Did you eat?

2. ~(으)ㄴ 적 있다/없다    = to express a past experience / you have or have not done yet before.
    나 스키 탄 적 없어요     = I've never ski
    그 노래 들은 적 있어요 = I've heard that song