Tuesday, February 23, 2016

팬티 어딨냐? - Where is the pantie?

All about the pantie's mission~~

유재석 : 호피 무늬 팬티 어딨1?
hopi muneui phaenthi eodinya?
Where is the leopard panty?
[Dimana celana macan tutul itu?]

유재석 : 광수.. 호피무늬 퍤티 본 적 있2는데...
Kwangsu.. hophi muneui phaenthi bon jeok itneunde..
I saw Kwangsu's leopard panty before..
[Saya pernah lihat celana macan tutul itu..]

이광수 : 아! 깜짝이야! 왜 그래요?
a! kkamjjakiya! wae geuraeyo?
A! (You) scare me! Why do you do that?
[Ah! Mengagetkan! Mengapa kau lakukan itu?]

유재석 : 팬티 어딨1?
phaenthi eodinya?
Where is the panty?
[Dimana celananya?]

1. ~~냐?    =    informal question mark, to friend or to younger people.

    그사람 누구냐?   = Who is that person?

    밥 먹었냐?          =  Did you eat?

2. ~(으)ㄴ 적 있다/없다    = to express a past experience / you have or have not done yet before.
    나 스키 탄 적 없어요     = I've never ski
    그 노래 들은 적 있어요 = I've heard that song     

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

아... 좀 앉아 있어요 - Ah.. Please sit and stay there

The members are doing their mission at Kwangsu's house. but Kwangsu as a home owner doesn't have any idea what mission is that and what they are looking for...

이광수 : 나 진짜 신고해
na jinjja sigohae
I really will report to the police
[Saya benar2 akan lapor polisi ya]

이광수 : 한시부터 촬영이라1!!
hansibutheo chwalyeongiramyeo!!
You said we start recording at 1 o'clock
[Kamu bilang mulai rekaman jam 1]

이광수 : 아... 좀 앉아 있어요
Ah.. jom anja isseoyo
Ah... Please sit and stay there
[Tolong duduk diam!]

1. ~~(이)라며 = You said~~ 
     when somebody told you about something but not happening like he/she said, you can use ~~(이)라며  to talk/ask to he/she about what he/she said.
    한시부터 촬영이라며 =  You said we start recording at 1 o'clock (but they start earlier)

   백화점 세일 오늘 까지라며 = You said sale until today (but it ended yesterday)

    점심때 오라며  =  You said you will come at lunch time, (why don't you come?) 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Try to memorize all of these and you will be ready to read Korean!! Fighting!!

How to combine Vowels and Consonants

뭐 찾아요? - What are you looking for?

All of the members start doing their mission in Kwangsu's house except Kwangsu that still shock and not ready yet.

이광수 : 아이! 나가1!
ai! nagayo!
Go out!
[Eii! Keluar!]

지석진 : 잠깐만! 찾을 게 있어!
jamkkanman! chajeul ge isseo!
Wait! There's something I need to find!
[Tungg! ada sesuatu yang saya cari!]

이광수 : 뭐 찾아1?
mwo chajayo?
What are you looking for?
[Apa yang kamu cari]

이광수 : 야동 찾으려고2 그러죠?
yadong chajeuryeogo geurojyo?
You are looking for porn, aren't you?
[Kamu mencari porn* ya?]

1. ~~요 = end of the sentence, make a sentence more polite. Usually, use this when you talk with older people or senior.

  밥 맛있게 먹어 (with friend/to younger) = enjoy your meal

  밥 맛있게 드세요*/먹어요 (to older people) = enjoy your meal

  *드시요 = 먹어요 in a polite way. (formal)

2. ~~ (으)려고 = will/ be going to

   가려고          =  will go

   먹으려고      =  (be) going to eat

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

비밀번호 몰라? - Don't you know the password?

Kwangsu Happy Day - Part 2

Finally, In front of Kwangsu's house....

지석진 : 비밀번호 몰라? 
bimilbeonho molla?
Don't you know the password?
[Apakah kamu tidak tahu pinnya?]

유재석 : 까먹었어
I forgot
[Saya lupa]

유재석 : 그냥 매니저 불러1 비밀번호 물어볼까1?
keunyang maenijeo buleoseo bimilbeonho murobolkka?
Should we just call his manager and ask the password?
[Bagaimana kalau kita tanya pinnya kepada managernya?]

After they ring the bell, but it looks like nobody home...

김종국 : 2?
is he sleeping?
[Apakah dia tidur]

종지효 : 집에 없는 거 아니에요?
jibe obneun go anieyo? 
isn't he at home?
[Apakah dia tidak dirumah?]

Second try with the bell and....

하하 :  왔다! 왔다! 왔다!
watda! watda! watda!
He is coming!
[Dia datang]

이거 지금 방송 나가?
igo jigeum bangsong naga?
is it broadcasting now?
[Apakah sekarang mulai rekaman?]

1. Verb + 서 Verb + (으)ㄹ까?
     고기 사와 집에서 밥 해먹을까? = How about we buy some meats and then should we eat at home?

2. Verb + ?    = makes questions sentence, usually for yourself.

       지금 비 오나?   = is it raining?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

이제부터 조용히 하자.. - Let's be quite from now

Happy Kwangsu Day - Part 1

They start filming without Kwangsu?? Yes because they are going to Kwangsu's house without telling him! SURPRISE...

김종국 : 광수 이제 일어났1
Kwangsu ije ironaji
Kwangsu might wake up now
[Kwangsu mungkin sudah bangun sekarang]

지석진 : 야~ 좋은데 사2...
ya~ joheunde sane...
wah~~ (he) lives in a good place
[Wah~ Dia tinggal ditempat yang bagus]

지석진 : 이 친구 많이 벌었나 보다 
i chingu mani beoreona boda
Looks like this friend earn a lot (of money)
[Kelihatannya dia menghasilkan banyak]

지석진 : 이제부터 조용히 하3
ijebutho joyonghi haja
Let's be quiet from now
[Mulai sekarang jangan berisik yuk]

1. ~~지 = Guessing
    이시간에 아직 자고있지  = she/he might sleep at this time
2. ~~네 = A spontaneous expression when you just realize something about fact / exclamation

    비가 많이 오네요  = (I realize that) It's raining hard

    그림 잘 그리네      = (I'm surprised that) you draw really well

3. ~~자 =  Let us
    밥 먹으러 가자       = Let's go to eat
    늦었어, 이제 자자  = It's late, let's sleep