Friday, January 15, 2016

이걸 왜 해야돼요? - Why should I do this?

Another game~

이광수 : 이걸 왜 해야돼요1?
igeol wae haeyadweyo?
Why should I do this?
[Mengapa saya harus melakukan ini?]

PD : 보시다시피
2 여러분은 지혜가 없죠 이렇게?
bosidasiphi yeorobuneun jihyega objyo ireohke?
As you see like this, all of you dont have wisdom, right?
[Dengan ini, seperti yang kalian lihat bahwa kalian tidak punya kebijaksanaan, benar?]

1. (Verb) + 야 돼요        = Have to (Harus)
     ~~ 해야 돼요              = have to do ~~

    나 아침 먹어야 돼요  = I have to eat breakfast

2. (Verb) + 다시피          = As you ~~
    보시다시피                 = As you see -> 보다 + 다시피

    아시다시피                 = As you know -> 알다 + 다시피
    *시 makes more formal, when you talk with older people.