Friday, January 22, 2016

아~~ 참 맛있대~~ - It was so delicious~

Lost in Seoul

Gary locked in a box that will place around Seoul. The rest of the team need to find him and help him out from the box. They feel so sorry when they found Gary locked in the box like that.

Running Man Ep276

강개리 : 그래도 짜장면 한 그릇 시켜주더라고요1
keuraedo jjajangmyeon han geureut sikhyeojudeoragoyo
But they ordered jjajangmyeon for me
[Tapi mereka memesankan jjajangmyeon untukku]

Running man Ep276

강개리 : 아~ 참 맛있2~~
ah~ cham masitdae~~
Ah~ it was so delicious~~
[Ah~ itu sangat enak~~]

Running man Ep276

강개리 : 빨리 꺼내줘요
ppalli kkeonaejwoyo
Please take me out, Hurry!
[Tolong cepat keluarkan saya!]

1. Verb + 더라고요 = An expresion when you tried to explain something (3rd point of view)

   시켜주더라고요     = Ordered for me

    ~~해더라고요        = (He/She/They) Did ~~

2.  ~~ + 대 = Expression for telling other people about past in the funny way

    ~~ 맛있대     =  ~~ was delicious

    ~~ 좋대         = ~~ was good