Saturday, January 30, 2016

좋아하라고! - I told you to like me!

Queen of the Dog Day - Part 2

The rest of members got sexy and beautiful partners, so it's time for Kwangsu meets his partner. 

김종국 : 오늘 제일 신경 쓴 건  광수1!
oneul jeil singyeong sseun gon Kwangsuya!
The most worrying today is Kwangsu

소유 : 오빠 기대해도 돼요2! 오빠 장난 아니에요.
oppa kidaehaedo dwaeyo! oppa jangnan anieyo.
Oppa, you can expect! (your partner) is amazing.

Look Kwangsu's disappointed face but at the same time he also need to pretend to like it.

이광수 : 와아~~~
*It's just an expression, doesn't have any meaning.

이국주 : 좋아하라고3!
I told you to like me!

After that...

1. 이야/야 or  이에요/에요                =  is/am/are
    이거 내 책이에요/이거 내책이야 = this is my book
    이거 내 친구의 모자에요/모자야 = this is my friend's hat

     *이야/야  : when talking beetwen friends.
     *에요/이에요 : more formal than 이야/야, usually use it when talking with older people 

2. ~~도 돼요                   = can (or giving a permission)
    이거 먹어도 돼요      = (you) can eat this
    이제 게임 해도 돼요 = (you) can play game now

3. ~라고!            =  giving order
    ~~하라고!       = do~~!
    지금 공부 하라고!!! =  Study now!!!