Monday, January 11, 2016

나 하나 먹어도 되지? - I can eat one, can't I?

The better rank they have, the better lunch menu they get... One of Monday Couple story~ 
Running Man Ep160

강개리 : 소시지 하나 먹을래요1?
sosiji hana mogeullaeyo?
Do you want to eat sausage?
[Apakah kamu mau makan sosis?]

Running Man Ep160

송지효 : 나도 소시지 먹고 싶어요2
nado sosiji moggo sipho
I want to eat sausage
[Aku mau makan sosis]

After Gary gave some of his sausages to Song JiHyo...

Running Man Ep160

지석진 : 나 하나 먹어도 되지3?
na hana mogeodo dweji?
I can eat one, can't I?
[Boleh kan aku makan satu?]

But he didn't get permission from Gary... ㅋㅋㅋ

Running Man Ep160

강개리 : 밥 그만 먹고 싶어2?
bab geuman moggo sipho?
Do you want to stop eating?
[Apakah kamu mau berhenti makan?]

1. ~~(으)ㄹ + 래요? = Do you want to~~? / Shall we~~?

    ~~먹을래요?        = Do you want to eat~~?

    춤 출래요?           = Shall we dance?

2. ~~고 싶어(요)      = want to

    아이스크림 먹고싶어  = I want to eat ice cream

    게임 하고싶어(요)       = I want to play game

3.  도 되지?               = can't I? (Asking permission)

    나 ~~먹어도 되지?     = I can eat ~~ , can't I?

    나 게임 해도 되지?     = I can play game, can't I?