Friday, January 29, 2016

계속 얘길 하던데 - He keeps talking about it

Queen of the Dog Day - Part 1 

Most of the members loved this episode, except Song Jihyo (maybe). Why? Because all of the guests are beautiful women~~

소유 : 개리오빠 1 갑지기 쓰러지시는 거 아니에요2?
Gary oppa mak gapjagi sseureojisineun go anieyo?
Gary oppa will suddenly fall down, won't he?
[Akankah Gary oppa tiba-tiba terjatuh?]

강개리 : 나는 욕심내 진짜로
Naneun yoksimnae jinjjaro
I'm gonna be greedy, really! / I'm gonna do really hard!
[Saya benar-benar mengharapkan loh]

유재석 : 계속 얘길 하던데3, 요즘 설현이가 제일 예쁜다고
kyesok yaegil hadonde. yojeum Seolhyeoniga jeil yeppeodago 
He keeps talking about it, recently SeolHyeon is the most beautiful
[Dia terus berbicara bahwa belakangan ini SeolHyeon lah yang paling cantik]

강개리 : 아, 너무 심쿵하다 진짜
a, neomu simphunghada jinjja
Ah I am really really happy
[Ah saya sangat senang]

1. 막  
    개리오빠  갑자기 쓰러지시는 거 아니에요?
    in this sentence, "막" is just an expression that makes the sentence sounds funny.


   그냥 대충 해~   =   just do it roughly

2. Verb + (으)ㄴ/는 거 아니에요? = Guessing what might happen

3. ~던데   = when you explain a situation that happens in the past  followed by and/but/that
   계속 얘길 하던데  = He keeps talking about it ~~~(what he has talked about)