Saturday, January 30, 2016

좋아하라고! - I told you to like me!

Queen of the Dog Day - Part 2

The rest of members got sexy and beautiful partners, so it's time for Kwangsu meets his partner. 

김종국 : 오늘 제일 신경 쓴 건  광수1!
oneul jeil singyeong sseun gon Kwangsuya!
The most worrying today is Kwangsu

소유 : 오빠 기대해도 돼요2! 오빠 장난 아니에요.
oppa kidaehaedo dwaeyo! oppa jangnan anieyo.
Oppa, you can expect! (your partner) is amazing.

Look Kwangsu's disappointed face but at the same time he also need to pretend to like it.

이광수 : 와아~~~
*It's just an expression, doesn't have any meaning.

이국주 : 좋아하라고3!
I told you to like me!

After that...

1. 이야/야 or  이에요/에요                =  is/am/are
    이거 내 책이에요/이거 내책이야 = this is my book
    이거 내 친구의 모자에요/모자야 = this is my friend's hat

     *이야/야  : when talking beetwen friends.
     *에요/이에요 : more formal than 이야/야, usually use it when talking with older people 

2. ~~도 돼요                   = can (or giving a permission)
    이거 먹어도 돼요      = (you) can eat this
    이제 게임 해도 돼요 = (you) can play game now

3. ~라고!            =  giving order
    ~~하라고!       = do~~!
    지금 공부 하라고!!! =  Study now!!!   

Friday, January 29, 2016

계속 얘길 하던데 - He keeps talking about it

Queen of the Dog Day - Part 1 

Most of the members loved this episode, except Song Jihyo (maybe). Why? Because all of the guests are beautiful women~~

소유 : 개리오빠 1 갑지기 쓰러지시는 거 아니에요2?
Gary oppa mak gapjagi sseureojisineun go anieyo?
Gary oppa will suddenly fall down, won't he?
[Akankah Gary oppa tiba-tiba terjatuh?]

강개리 : 나는 욕심내 진짜로
Naneun yoksimnae jinjjaro
I'm gonna be greedy, really! / I'm gonna do really hard!
[Saya benar-benar mengharapkan loh]

유재석 : 계속 얘길 하던데3, 요즘 설현이가 제일 예쁜다고
kyesok yaegil hadonde. yojeum Seolhyeoniga jeil yeppeodago 
He keeps talking about it, recently SeolHyeon is the most beautiful
[Dia terus berbicara bahwa belakangan ini SeolHyeon lah yang paling cantik]

강개리 : 아, 너무 심쿵하다 진짜
a, neomu simphunghada jinjja
Ah I am really really happy
[Ah saya sangat senang]

1. 막  
    개리오빠  갑자기 쓰러지시는 거 아니에요?
    in this sentence, "막" is just an expression that makes the sentence sounds funny.


   그냥 대충 해~   =   just do it roughly

2. Verb + (으)ㄴ/는 거 아니에요? = Guessing what might happen

3. ~던데   = when you explain a situation that happens in the past  followed by and/but/that
   계속 얘길 하던데  = He keeps talking about it ~~~(what he has talked about)


Friday, January 22, 2016

아~~ 참 맛있대~~ - It was so delicious~

Lost in Seoul

Gary locked in a box that will place around Seoul. The rest of the team need to find him and help him out from the box. They feel so sorry when they found Gary locked in the box like that.

Running Man Ep276

강개리 : 그래도 짜장면 한 그릇 시켜주더라고요1
keuraedo jjajangmyeon han geureut sikhyeojudeoragoyo
But they ordered jjajangmyeon for me
[Tapi mereka memesankan jjajangmyeon untukku]

Running man Ep276

강개리 : 아~ 참 맛있2~~
ah~ cham masitdae~~
Ah~ it was so delicious~~
[Ah~ itu sangat enak~~]

Running man Ep276

강개리 : 빨리 꺼내줘요
ppalli kkeonaejwoyo
Please take me out, Hurry!
[Tolong cepat keluarkan saya!]

1. Verb + 더라고요 = An expresion when you tried to explain something (3rd point of view)

   시켜주더라고요     = Ordered for me

    ~~해더라고요        = (He/She/They) Did ~~

2.  ~~ + 대 = Expression for telling other people about past in the funny way

    ~~ 맛있대     =  ~~ was delicious

    ~~ 좋대         = ~~ was good

Friday, January 15, 2016

이걸 왜 해야돼요? - Why should I do this?

Another game~

이광수 : 이걸 왜 해야돼요1?
igeol wae haeyadweyo?
Why should I do this?
[Mengapa saya harus melakukan ini?]

PD : 보시다시피
2 여러분은 지혜가 없죠 이렇게?
bosidasiphi yeorobuneun jihyega objyo ireohke?
As you see like this, all of you dont have wisdom, right?
[Dengan ini, seperti yang kalian lihat bahwa kalian tidak punya kebijaksanaan, benar?]

1. (Verb) + 야 돼요        = Have to (Harus)
     ~~ 해야 돼요              = have to do ~~

    나 아침 먹어야 돼요  = I have to eat breakfast

2. (Verb) + 다시피          = As you ~~
    보시다시피                 = As you see -> 보다 + 다시피

    아시다시피                 = As you know -> 알다 + 다시피
    *시 makes more formal, when you talk with older people. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

거울 보여줘야지 - (You) Should show me a mirror

48 hours without mom about to begin...

아빠 : 엄마 화장 해줄까1우리2?
eomma hwajang haejulkka uri-ga?
Should we do make-up for Mom?
[Bagaimana kalau kita mendandani mama?]

엄마 :나 못 나가게 할려고 그렇지?
na mot naga-ge hal-ryeogo geurohji?
you want to make me can not go out, right?
[Mau buat saya tidak bisa pergi, kan?]

엄마 :나 지금 너무 이상해줬을 거 같아
na jigeum neomu isanghaejwosseul ko katha
I think I look so weird now
[Sepertinya sekarang saya terlihat aneh]

아빠 : 아니야 그렇게 안이상해!
aniya gerohke anisanghae!
No, not that weird
[Tidak, tidak begitu aneh]

엄마 :거울 보여줘야지3
keoul boyeojwoyaji
(You) should show me a mirror
[Tunjukan kaca dong]

엄마 : 이게 뭐야
ige mwoya
What is this
[Apa ini]

이서준 : 엄마! 안무섭게생겼어
eomma! anmuseobge saenggyeosso
Mom! you don't look scary
[Mama! tidak terlihat menakutkan]

1. Verb + 줄까?     = Offering help

    밥 해줄까?         = Do you want me cook for you?

2.  doesn't have meaning. 이 and 가 are subject particle.

3. Verb + 야지 = You should (verb)
    약 먹어야지 = (You) should take medicine

    게임 그만 해야지 = (You) should stop playing game

Monday, January 11, 2016

나 하나 먹어도 되지? - I can eat one, can't I?

The better rank they have, the better lunch menu they get... One of Monday Couple story~ 
Running Man Ep160

강개리 : 소시지 하나 먹을래요1?
sosiji hana mogeullaeyo?
Do you want to eat sausage?
[Apakah kamu mau makan sosis?]

Running Man Ep160

송지효 : 나도 소시지 먹고 싶어요2
nado sosiji moggo sipho
I want to eat sausage
[Aku mau makan sosis]

After Gary gave some of his sausages to Song JiHyo...

Running Man Ep160

지석진 : 나 하나 먹어도 되지3?
na hana mogeodo dweji?
I can eat one, can't I?
[Boleh kan aku makan satu?]

But he didn't get permission from Gary... ㅋㅋㅋ

Running Man Ep160

강개리 : 밥 그만 먹고 싶어2?
bab geuman moggo sipho?
Do you want to stop eating?
[Apakah kamu mau berhenti makan?]

1. ~~(으)ㄹ + 래요? = Do you want to~~? / Shall we~~?

    ~~먹을래요?        = Do you want to eat~~?

    춤 출래요?           = Shall we dance?

2. ~~고 싶어(요)      = want to

    아이스크림 먹고싶어  = I want to eat ice cream

    게임 하고싶어(요)       = I want to play game

3.  도 되지?               = can't I? (Asking permission)

    나 ~~먹어도 되지?     = I can eat ~~ , can't I?

    나 게임 해도 되지?     = I can play game, can't I?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

괜히 말한것 같아 - I think I shouldn't have said that

강개리 :  잘생기셨어
=(He looks) handsome
김기태 : 아 그렇죠? 맞습니다
ah keurohjyo? matseumnida
=ah.. is that right? yes it is correct.

강개리 : 흐음 괜히 말한것 같아
hmm gwaenhi malhangot katha
=hmm I think I should've said that

~~(으)ㄹ 것 같아 : I think (future)
~~(으)ㄴ 것 같아 : I think (happen)

~~말할 것 같아 = I think I will say~~
~~말한 것 같아 = I think I said~~